CNC/CAD Capabilities

Over the past two decades, Seemann Composites has developed an extensive machining infrastructure and expertise to more effectively offer its customers completed products without relying on third party subcontractors for tasks such as building tooling and post lamination machining. The company has invested heavily in the most state of the art CNC machining equipment, CMM equipment, and CAD/CAM programs including:

  • Eastman CNC Cloth Cutting System (Computer Numerically Controlled) Lectra CNC Cloth Cutting Table
  • CAD/CAM/FEM (Computer Assisted Design, Computer Assisted Manufacturing, Finite Element Modeling)
  • 2 Faro Laser Tracker Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM)
  • Flow International 5-Axis CNC Water Jet (8'x12')
  • Haas 3-Axis CNC Milling Machine
  • Hass 3 axis Tool-room Mill
  • CMS Kronos 5-Axis Machining Center (100'x20'x10')

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