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This will allow you to obtain access to the latest PO Standard Clause requirements invoked on Seemann Composites Purchase Orders or RFQ Solicitations. By accessing this web site, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions set forth below. The only individuals authorized to access this information are as follows:


         Suppliers who have been issued Purchase Orders and / or RFQ Solicitations from Seemann Composites.

         Employees of Seemann Composites


The following terms and conditions apply to the use of PO Standard Clause Information contained on this web site:


         Purchase Order Standard Clause Requirements are provided for exclusive use by Suppliers of Seemann Composites. Any unauthorized use or reproduction of this data for other than its intended purpose is strictly prohibited.

         Purchase Order Standard Clauses not found here must be obtained from the applicable Buyer listed on your purchase order. The fact that the PO standard clause is not available via this web site shall not be a basis for noncompliance to Purchase Order requirements.

         Information contained within the Standard Clauses must only be used in connection with the performance of purchase orders / RFQ solicitations issued by Seemann Composites. In the event that a conflict exists between purchase order specific requirements and the information provided via this web site, the purchase order specific requirements shall take precedence. Any potential conflicts should be immediately directed to the Buyer for resolution.


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